Monthly Archives: October 2005

You Suck

Is it Mr. Freeze? Probably not.

Several years ago I worked at a book publisher that specialized in books for psychologists and psychiatrists and the like. Given that there was only three or four hours of actual work for me to do on any given day, I have a crapload of drawings I did during this time. I remember having this picture left on the pad on my desk overnight. The next day, the bosses’ wife had a post-it attached to it that said ‘No you don’t’. I thought that was kind of funny. The boss was a retired psychologist and sometimes he’d give me these knowing looks. It was great.


Josh holding a candle

Jeez. What a letdown. Being in Tampa, I knew for about a week that Wilma wasn’t going to hit us directly, but I kinda wanted to see some shit flying around. Some rain and wind. Boring. Anyhow. At 2 in the morning on the 24th, our power went out briefly. Being horribly dependent on technology and such, me and k.t had to find something to do.

Wilma picture

With the candles and flashlights going, we made some shadow puppets onto pieces of paper. This is what I converted a simple outline into. Weird.

Found – Medication Chart

medication chart

Yet another weird find. Somebody actually took some time, with a ruler even, to make a chart for all the medication they take. Let’s see here: Nexium, for heartburn or acid-reflux. Norvasc for hypertension and angina. Dizzy, I reckon, is self-explanatory. Pletal for intermittent claudication (pain in the legs that happens when walking and goes away with rest). Avalide for high blood pressure. Zocor to block the production of cholesterol. Pletal, again apparently. This dude is in bad freaking shape.