Kangaroo Court

win lose or draw

I picked up the home game version of Win, Lose Or Draw at the local thrift shop the other day. The girlfriend and I used to draw Pictionary card topics as fast as we could as a drawing exercise (I may post some of those later). I planned to do something similar with this. It’s been a while since I had seen the show, so’s I forgot the cards had phrases and such on them. A little harder to draw quickly and well.

We bought a jumbo pack of 11×17 bristol boards to draw our comick on several months ago. I decided to do little stories based on whatever is on the card I pull out. Furthermore, I put an hour time limit from the looking at the card, to idea, pencils and inks. One hour. Not really enough time to make it great, but to keep it interesting.

The first one I had k.t. pull and it was Kangaroo Court. I was not familiar with what the heck that was and she said I should do marsupials with powdered wigs and crap. And I did. I like the resulting page and I’m gonna do some more.

kangaroo court

In 1927…

I opened at work this morning. I usually work nights on Saturdays and I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I was a little spacey at work. The first customer of the day was an older lady who had been waiting in the parking lot for 10-15 minutes before the doors even opened. She came in, wandered around for a few minutes and came up to the front to check out. There’s just me and a cashier in the morning and she had went to the back to put her purse in her locker. Being in a supervisory capacity, I don’t cashier very often. When I do, it’s usually interesting.

This lady puts her bed pillow up on the counter and starts making small talk. Her arthritis is acting up. It’s cold. And then she lets loose with the following amazing factoid (which sounds kind of made up) that I had to write down:

In 1927.

(pen and watercolor on bristol board in case anyone’s wondering)