Three Index Card Robots

3 index card robots

Three robots drawn on index cards in ‘04. I think I have an unhealthy robot, uh, thing. Robots and zombies. Hmm. I think I have to draw a robot zombie.


As I was posting this I scribbled out a little robot zombie on an index card. Check it out in all of its lame glory:

robot zombie

5 thoughts on “Three Index Card Robots

  1. hey i googled your drawings and found them very interesting i would like you to email me some more if possible. i am looking to design but have no drawing skills and this is right up my imagination alley so please reply even if you are not interested at least let me know you recieved this. THANK YOU and looking forward to do business with you. ps alot of talent

  2. who ever drew that,its fucking awesome i want to use it as a t shirt design for my band!!!!!!!!!!

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