Monthly Archives: February 2008



I found this electronic labeler print-out in the mail room of my apartment complex. I’m not too sure what to make of it. Was it for the mailman? Someone’s mailbox? There’s two of them, for two different people? Both for the same person to reiterate their propensity towards the dicklickery? And really, Dick Licker? Do people say that? Like adult people? It sounds like something a fifth grader would say.



This is my interpretation of this week’s Illustration Friday topic “Blanket”. I thought about a couple different ways to do it and I settled on my favorite. As a youngster, as I’m sure most kids do, I’d tie my blanket around myself and ran around like Superman. In my socks and underwear. This kid isn’t me. I don’t know who he is. Or why he’s in my house. Weird.

(Pen & Ink, Crayon and Photoshop on paper.)