2 thoughts on “eyepoke

  1. What happened???? You know what, I just splashed bleach into my eye today at work. Dropped the box, bottle opened and bleach into my eye. Everyone was like “OMG, what does it feel like?” and I says “you know when you spill bleach in your fucking eye? It feels like that.” I had to do a report and everything so I think I’m going to get fired for ruining my shirt and wasting a bottle of eyewash. Is there a limit to this? Perhaps 140 characters like tweeter? Also, this isn’t important.

  2. Bleach? Yikes. You win. I was eating a granola bar. I peeled the wrapper back to take a bite and it sprung back and poked my damn eye. “Fuck!” I screamed. I couldn’t see for several minutes. A damn granola bar wrapper. This kinda shit is why I don’t eat healthy very often.

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