Blitzkrieg #1 (Part 1)

By request: the first comic I ever made. It was 1993 and I was in high school. I had a conversation with a friend about what to do with our lives and he jokingly said “become superheroes”. And this is the comic of that idea.

Oh yeah! Radioactive green cover. I wasn’t fucking around when I gave these to my grandmother to print up at her work. Not sure why I called it Blitzkrieg. I think I liked more the way it sounded rather than what it meant. Also: what is wrong with their backs?!

“In 5 hours they will become the world’s greatest heroes” Pretty specific. Not “today” or “This evening”. 5 hours.

Eric with the light hair. Me with the dark hair. I was reading a comic book, I guess? It would’ve made more sense to show that probably.

I love that I wrote letterer and fucked up the lettering of it.

The ‘Eric’s ex-girlfriend’ thing was probably the only real life thing that made itself into the comic, specifically in issue 2. Me and Eric mostly just hung out at school, on lunch and such. I went to his house only a couple times ever. He was busy having a life and girlfriends. I was sitting at home drawing comics shittily.

I guess I was the only student in that last panel. In actuality, I was the weirdo who sat in the back in every class.

That street was on the biggest hill of like ever. Not really. I was trying to draw things in perspective, of which I didn’t understand at the time, at all.

Oh No! What’s going to happen? Crap!

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow.

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