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March 2012
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Mysterio’s Back

March 29, 2012   

Sort of by request by the fella who runs Mysterio Man. Back in 2006 I did a weekly Mysterio Monday, which you can see here. Here’s a new one. Digitally inked and colored in Flash over a scanned pencil sketch. You gang wanna see more of this guy? Let me know.

30 More Years Later

March 28, 2012   

And this one is me 30 years after the other future me I did. Turns out me wearing an eyepatch as a goof was a bad idea. Turns out I lose both of my eyes in a heated match of Extreme Jenga in the future times. Like I’ve always wanted.

Future Me

March 25, 2012   

Another art battle between me and Mike Larsson. What would you look like in 30 years? I was originally gonna just draw a corpse, but that kind of realistic thinking is a bit of a bummer. So there’s this guy of me. How’d I lose the eye? I just start wearing an eyepatch because it’s cool, duh.

It’s a starry coffeenight.

March 22, 2012   

Me and Mike Larsson were talking on the Google + about doing  versions of each others drawings. This is my reinterpretation of his original. Drawn digitally with my Wacom in Flash.


March 20, 2012   

laundry day

March 19, 2012   

Sort of requested by Mike Larsson on Google +.


March 18, 2012   

Some impressive graffiti at the train yard near my house. Pic taken with my 3DS.

that leash

March 17, 2012   

My wife used to forward me weird porn spam. I printed some out. I cleaned out one of my pen boxes and I used each of the drawing utensils on this one.

Meals For Dinner

March 16, 2012   

This found grocery list is very specific. Of course, my grocery lists are written more or less the same way.

More found junks on my found junks Tumblr page thing:

more drunk arts

March 15, 2012   

Another batch of drunken drawings that me, Jon, Steve, Kate and Felix have been doing the past couple weeks is up on my Tumblr.