Pastor Jeff


I was lucky enough to stumble upon a few church directories at the local thrift store. Gonna try my hand at drawing some of the folks in it. Figured I ought to start with the pastor. Here he is. Pastor Jeff.  Making some bold choices not only with the mustache and glasses, but also with the shirt/tie combo. Click the guy to see him bigger if you want. Let me know if you want to see more in this series.

3 thoughts on “Pastor Jeff

  1. Mmemory of a Guy Drifting Out of a Bedroom at a House Party
    i like your linework.
    the fact that this is a pastor from the 19th century if I’m remembering the description of the Fairy portrait correctly just cracks me up. “heeeeeyyy mann you wanna meet goooooooodddd? j’s go in that room therrrrrrre”

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