Monthly Archives: September 2017


Yesterday we said goodbye to our best friend Mewmee Frank Jeff Cattington.

A lot of people probably think they have the best cat in the world. I don’t think that, but I do think that our Jeff was the best cat for us. If there was any possible way that a cat could be sarcastic, Jeff was it. Her well-timed winks and smirks couldn’t have been a coincidence. She was a bundle of sass, always with a cool bark or sneaky peek around the corner. She always was ready for a hug when you needed one even though she didn’t much care for them. She enjoyed lip-rubs, Twinkies and a full-to-the brim water dish. She was my reluctant muse, inspiring hundreds of drawings and even a couple of songs featuring her squeaks. I’ll cherish all of the memories I have forever, and in the rare event that I pop my top off, I’ll see her looking at me on the tattoo I have of her. Thanks for everything. There will never be another like you.


See some great moments of Jeff throughout the years here.