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When you find some of your old artwork…


To be fair, it was 1992 and comics were more or less in the toilet with a few exceptions. So making a Spawn rip-off, but way worse, was totally okay at the time, right? Man. Glowing eyes and a metal arm? But with a sword? Yuck. I’ve posted some old Cadaver art before if you are interested. And Bishop was a 90s guy, that’s for sure. Not sure what happened with the drawing of him. Yipes.

Wolverine’s real mutant power

I’ve had the pencil sketch of this dumb idea sitting in my ‘to work on’ folder on my computer for so long, you gang. I must’ve thought it was just dumb enough to write down. I don’t know. I imported the sketch into Flash and stupidly colored it in. Not sure how I feel about this one. I do love Bugles, though, and kind of wish they would still fit on my fingers in this fashion like when I was little. Curse these gorilla hands of mine.