Josh-Dipper. Jipper.


Me as Dipper from Gravity Falls for Inktober. It’s a preview of my Halloween costume as well. I’ll probably shave and clean myself up a little bit beforehand. Or not. I like the idea of an older Dipper trying to convince people that the supernatural stuff exists and waving his book around. Slowly growing increasingly paranoid and going insane.

Louise Belcher


Louise from Bob’s Burgers, one of my favorite animated shows. This piece was inspired by an old conversation between me and my friend Jon with him asking if Louise’s ears were a reference to the movie Gummo. I drew out a little sketch a while ago and just got around to finishing it. I digitally inked and colored the pencils in Flash and combined it with a watercolor background in Photoshop.

Stimpy (of The Post-Apocalypse)


Barely dealing with the zombification of his friend Ren, Stimpson J Cat loses most of his humanity and wanders the Earth looking for meaning.

Pen drawing on 6″ x 8″ Bristol painted with watercolors.

The original of this painting and selected others are available for purchase here.