drink and draw


Using a multitude of pens and pencils and such we drew on paper and these draw a bunch of stuff journals. We also worked on a fashion sketchpad which proved to be quite popular.

Where I Work by Jon (http://taskfort.tumblr.com/)

Robot Cape-Girl by Dan (http://dangmumblr.tumblr.com/)

Drunk Girl by Kate (http://katenichiwa.tumblr.com/)

Pope and Hoodgirl by me.

I have some more stuff to post so stay tuned gang. And check those guys’ blogs. They do great stuff.


Memory 2 (page 6)


Getting a little crafty with my diorama-styled page 6 of the second issue of my comic Memory. Click to see it bigger

If you haven’t read the first issue, here’s the pages in backwardsy order.

Or, you can pick up a high-res pdf on my Gumroad page for a buck.