Day One

My girlfriend k.t. has officially embarked on a weeklong or so trip to Hawaii with her family. I will be doing a daily comick specifically for her so’s she can keep up with what me and the cat are doing. The dame is awesome and I already miss her horribly. She is the Beavis to my Butthead as illustrated in the comick below. (Yes, that is a compliment.)

Day One

Lunchtime Fun Comick (Zombie!)

zombie comick

Zombie Job Interview 3-23-06 (4:05-4:31)

So I drew this crappy little comickstrip during my lunch break today. Drawn using the crappy ballpoint pen and dot-matrix paper that was already at work. I kind of like the constraints of such an undertaking. Trying to draw and eat in limited timeframe may have varied results, but I like this first installment. I originally was going to have zombies in line at an unemployment office, but that would’ve been a little more complicated. Yeah.