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The List – Work On Comick

No Outlet cover

Ah, yes. The comick. Three years in the making. Me and kt collaborating on a little comick story. The short description is that it’s a story about potheads’ adventures. Being it’s about drug-users, it gives us the opportunity to draw crazy shit. And by issue two, it gets even crazier. That’s the main character Max with the anime-hair on the bottom. Tyrone, the Thalidomide victim on the left. H.I. the constant prick on the right. I really want to bust the first issue out soon. Apologies for the crappy photo of the picture. 11×17 is too big for my scanner.

Monstruo (or whatever’s Spanish for monster)

Monster En Espanol

So I’ve been trying for a while to digitize everything I’ve ever drawn should some catastrophe wipe all the boxes of papers and crap I got stashed in my closet. This is a fantastic example of the shit I was into drawing in middle school. I did this for my Spanish class in, I want to say, sixth grade. That would make it 1988 or so. I still draw more or less the same kind of monsters and junk, but my anatomy is a little better. Spanish, I have mostly forgotton. Oh, well.