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What Jesus Thought

A little more than a year ago I took part in 24 hour comics day (See my comick here: part one and part two.) Today I finished it, rather I finished the one page afterthought strip I wrote for it to get up to the proper page count for printing. Why did it take so long? I don’t know. It’s weird. The strip I mean. It’s that worst thing I’ve ever drawn. Topically I mean. The art’s fine and all, it’s the subject matter. I don’t want to spoil it here, as I plan on putting it up for sale in the near future.

There’s a pretty good chance Kinko’s or wherever I’m gonna get it printed, well there’s a good chance if they look at it this page will probably not make the cut.

Needless to say Jesus wouldn’t like this comick. At. All.

24 Hour Comics Day (Part 2)

For some reason or another WordPress was acting all retarded so I had to split this thing into parts.

Read Part 1 first if you haven’t yet.


Page 17. And then it gets weirder?


And lazier apparently.


Page 18. And I make an appearance for some reason.


I’m not sure I like where this is going.

Hello pot of coffee!


Page 19. Self-Analysis Begin.


This is probably the last place I thought this book would go after the dick-eating bit. The mind is a weird thing.


Page 20. Failure.


And that’s it for me. My hand is ruined for like a week I bet. I got to 20 out of 24 for my first go. That and this page makes a good ending too. Thanks for all who tuned in. I’ll have a printed version available soon. Stay tuned. Good night.

24 Hour Comics Day! (Part 1)


So today’s the day. 24 comic pages in 24 hours. Shit I haven’t done 24 pages this year. About to get started. Just having a little breakfasts. Bananas and donuts. Coffees. Should have got some cocaine. Oh, well. There’s always next year. I’ll be updating pretty regularly. My drawing desk is right next to the computer. Check back throughout the day and night and I’ll be here.


Ah, coffee. You are probably gonna be my best friend today. I got my iPod all charged up. That’s gonna really be the deciding factor as to where this story goes today. I’m gonna set that junk to shuffle and let it go. So whether it chooses some Mastodon or some Martin Denny, that’s gonna influence what gets sent to my brain and down through my drawing paw.


Oh, shittily-drawn black Jesus: give me strength and inspiration and the power to vanquish my enemies.



And we’re off. The random Pictionary word is allergy. Song #1 on the iPod: I put A Spell On You by CCR. Go!

Page 1 panel 1


Page 1 finished. I guess I overestimated how long pages were going to take so I didn’t do backgrounds on this one. Now I know.

page 1

Doing a weirder layout with the next page:

page 2 layout


Page 2 done. I’m making good time and I generally have a good idea where this is going.

page 2 done

What comes next? Can you figure it out?

page 3 close

Yep. Jesus. Don’t act like you’re surprised.


Page 3!

page 3

Now the excitement really begins.

page 4 close

Dude. I’m just as confused as you are.


Page 4:

page 4


Page 5. I wish I didn’t decide on having a character slowly have his skin come off. Very time-consuming work drawing that.



I’m about an hour ahead of schedule now. Lunch break.


Page 6.




Page 7.


Now what? I don’t know. We’ll see. Oh wait, you want it to get weird. Okie doke.


Page Eight!



Page 9. And yes, this page is pretty lazy artistically. Probably gonna concentrate more on the writing of this thing so I don’t ruin my hand. I got a crapload still left to do.



It’s official: I have gross old man hands:



Page 10! Stick with it. This page has a point. Kinda. Maybe. We’ll see.



Page 11. All of this talking is going to lead to some action. Probably. My hand is officially ruined after this point. Oh well. Fuck it. I gots a comic to draw.



Page 12. Halfway home! If you don’t see where this is going, I’m more clever than I thought. If you do see where this is going, I’m sorry.



Page 13. Yeah!

Gross Hot Dogs? No such thing. Unless...

Snack Time!


Carrots. Good for your eyes. Anybody know what kind of food’s good for sore hands and backs?


Page 14.

What have you done to their dicks?

Yes. I have crossed a line. That line was lame to begin with so I showed it who’s boss. By having a dude in this comic eat dicks. But they were gonna rape him so it’s okay?


Page 15. Something’s not quite right?



Page 16


Probably the hardest on to do so far. My hand is killing me. I was seriously thinking about stopping for a minute there. I took a break and jumped back in. Not sure if I have 8 more in me. I’ll try my best.