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When you find some of your old artwork…


To be fair, it was 1992 and comics were more or less in the toilet with a few exceptions. So making a Spawn rip-off, but way worse, was totally okay at the time, right? Man. Glowing eyes and a metal arm? But with a sword? Yuck. I’ve posted some old Cadaver art before if you are interested. And Bishop was a 90s guy, that’s for sure. Not sure what happened with the drawing of him. Yipes.

Blitzkrieg #1 (Part 3)

Ah yes, the thrilling conclusion to the generally awful comic book I drew in high school, Blitzkrieg. This was issue #1.

I’m your son. Nope, my son is with one of his friends. Really. She has no problems with a grown man coming to her house claiming to be her teenage son. She has a problem with him having a friend with him, and now he doesn’t?

If you are lost- page 2. Shit, I wrote this and I’m lost. Not really. Apparently Eric’s ex was so distraught by the end of their relationship, she signs up for some weird experimental surgery nonsense! Oh no!

And there you have a teaser for the next issue. I think that may be how I got a lot of comics done in high school. Draw them really fast and sloppy. Make them 12 pages. I might have to go back to that. Eric didn’t end up drawing the next one. Or any of them for that matter.  I don’t blame him. He was a much better artist than me and it would have taken him a whole lot longer, although they would’ve looked a lot better. I did get him to draw a couple pinups though.

Ah yes. Wilkens News. The subscription form and everything. Any money I actually made from these was from various family members who wanted to get a copy because I was going to be a famous artist someday. I’m known by a handful of people on the Internet. Does that count?

And what comic book would be complete without an ad for an issue that would never some out. Seems like every comic I did would have one. This was Eric’s comic that he was going to do. I guess he just ever got around to it. Necrosis. Some folks though it said Negrosis. That’s a whole different thing.

So there you have it gang. A crappy old comic. If you enjoyed this trip to the past, let me know. I got a pile of these things if you guys really want to see them.

Blitzkrieg #1 (Part 2)

Continuing the horrible comic book I drew in high school from 1993.

Toxic waste! I think it’s common knowledge at this point as to what happens when folks come into contact with toxic waste.

I don’t know!! With two exclamation points. Because: look at this guy. That’s supposed to be muscles or something. Gross.

I was a really good writer. I was able to take how people talk, myself in his case, and translate it to the page. “Somehow I think this is not good” That’s fucking gold.

That again! Haha! Awesome. One thing that has stayed the same in my comics even now, is half-page panels of heads talking. Backgrounds are hard. And boring.

The thrilling conclusion tomorrow gang!

Blitzkrieg #1 (Part 1)

By request: the first comic I ever made. It was 1993 and I was in high school. I had a conversation with a friend about what to do with our lives and he jokingly said “become superheroes”. And this is the comic of that idea.

Oh yeah! Radioactive green cover. I wasn’t fucking around when I gave these to my grandmother to print up at her work. Not sure why I called it Blitzkrieg. I think I liked more the way it sounded rather than what it meant. Also: what is wrong with their backs?!

“In 5 hours they will become the world’s greatest heroes” Pretty specific. Not “today” or “This evening”. 5 hours.

Eric with the light hair. Me with the dark hair. I was reading a comic book, I guess? It would’ve made more sense to show that probably.

I love that I wrote letterer and fucked up the lettering of it.

The ‘Eric’s ex-girlfriend’ thing was probably the only real life thing that made itself into the comic, specifically in issue 2. Me and Eric mostly just hung out at school, on lunch and such. I went to his house only a couple times ever. He was busy having a life and girlfriends. I was sitting at home drawing comics shittily.

I guess I was the only student in that last panel. In actuality, I was the weirdo who sat in the back in every class.

That street was on the biggest hill of like ever. Not really. I was trying to draw things in perspective, of which I didn’t understand at the time, at all.

Oh No! What’s going to happen? Crap!

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow.