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I was going through my old papers and such and found this horrible story I wrote in 5th grade. Horrible. You could see how into 80s horror movies I was as I named the main characters Jason and Freddy. The description of the witches wardrobe has to be the worst thing of ever though. I can’t believe I got a B on this. Also, this was like the last time I wrote in cursive because it was required that year and I’m awful at it. Enjoy:


I was sorting some old drawings and found this guy. A superhero named Metastasis. Drawn way back in 1996. He would mutate guys with some sort of crap that he shot out of his hands. I really like this drawing, even now. I only half-finished the comick he was created for back in the day. I may try to work him into No Outlet at some point. Or not. (Yes that’s a little logo for my make-believe comick company I started in high school with some friends in 1993.)

Domestic Violence #1

When I was working on my 24 Hour comic last month I referenced an old comic of mine, Domestic Violence. I just unearthed a copy of that comic that I drew back in 1993:

Domestic Violence Cover

Yep. Look at that shit. Pretty effing gross. I can’t even begin to explain what’s wrong this. And it gets worse:

gimme yo money

I have no idea what that stain is except that it’s not the worst thing on the page. The Characters Created By credit is a little misleading as the main guy was supposed to be my friend Eric who got all mutated by toxic waste and turned into a muscleman apparently.

Page 2

That’s what I thought a back of a head looked like. And that alley’s on a hill. And a prostitute (?) getting beat up? SHADDUP!! I was a good writer even back then. Supposed to be some sort of arty brick wall back there. A panel with just word balloons? I should do that some more now. Then a really strangely drawn half-naked man. With weird anatomy.

page 3

I guess I had never seen a real gun at this point so I could draw it correctly. Or a person.


And then comes the action! Yeah! Whoops?


Here we have a .. JESUS CHRIST! IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE A LADY?/???????//?



Why yes, that man is 14 feet tall. What a  weird comic. Shit. I was 16 and I really wanted to make superhero comics and this what I came up with. I probably drew/wrote 20 comics throughout high school. What else was I gonna do? Go to parties? Make out with chicks and/or dudes? I was a huge nerd. Oh well.

So if anybody wants to see any else of these things, let me know. They’re not all quite this bad. Then again, nothing is.