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Comick – Page 13

page 13

I finished inking up page 13 of me and kt’s comick today. It’s an attack of sorts on our actual upstairs neighbors who are jerks and were always stomping around at 3 in the morning. kt wanted to get her intense hatred for them out onto a sheet of paper and added this new page that wasn’t in our original outline for issue one. The jerks recently moved out so’s we’ve been sleeping a lot better.

The List – Work On Comick

No Outlet cover

Ah, yes. The comick. Three years in the making. Me and kt collaborating on a little comick story. The short description is that it’s a story about potheads’ adventures. Being it’s about drug-users, it gives us the opportunity to draw crazy shit. And by issue two, it gets even crazier. That’s the main character Max with the anime-hair on the bottom. Tyrone, the Thalidomide victim on the left. H.I. the constant prick on the right. I really want to bust the first issue out soon. Apologies for the crappy photo of the picture. 11×17 is too big for my scanner.

Some Guy


I keep a stack of 3×5 index cards here on the desk for me to doodle and such on when I’m waiting for something to load on the computer or to write little notes and crap. This fellow got scribbled out a couple days ago. I liked it until I got to the mouth area, which I always screw up. Oh, well.