I have several bins/buckets/tins/cups of writing utensils all over the damn house. Every now and then I go through them to see what ones work and which don’t to make room for more pens and crap that I’ll throw out in a year. I made this drawing using all the pens/pencils/crayons/markers in one such box. I like him. He means business. I’ve done this a couple times before: Check out Lampreybot and Trouser Bacon.

Trouser Bacon

trouser bacon

I have a toolbox full of pens and markers and pencils and crayons. Every year or so I go through it and make sure I need them all and I test the pens and such to see that they still work. I usually just scribble a few lines and that’s it. This time I decided to make a little creature with all the writing tools. Trouser Bacon? You don’t want to know, trust me.