What’s music? Nobody really knows after thousands of years of researchers scratching their heads and anuses. Is it a seemingly random collection of sounds specifically designed to confuse and delight folks into shedding their clothings. Could be. It this that? I don’t understand the question. This can’t be that. That doesn’t even make any sense. This doesn’t make sense either. That’s what I said the first time. Okay, thanks for stopping by. And for the hugs. Especially thanks for the hugs. Say hello to Danchy for me. Who? Danchy. Who’s Danchy. Oh yeah, you don’t know Danchy. Nopes. Oh. Nevermind then.. Okay. Thanks again. Goodbye.

Mike Patton’s Sheet Music

When the live Fantomas/Melvins Big Band Live In London DVD came out, I made my girlfriend watch it with me. She made this afterwords and I recently found it.

Mike Patton's Sheet Music

She’s more of a fan of Mike Patton’s less noisy work in Faith No More and a little Mr. Bungle. His cartoon-metal record Suspended Animation is probably one of my favorites. If you are not familiar with the band here’s why that image is kinda funny:

More chakka chakka in the excellent Goodbye Sober Day by Mr. Bungle at 2:34:

Breakfast Guests.

turntablist Rev. Josh

I’ve been dabbling in musick for damn near ten years now. Started out in a bedroom/shed-rock band called XitRAM! with a few friends of mine. A year or so after XitRAM! more or less disbanded, I started doing some solo shit under the name Life Without Taffy, named for a passage in a psychology book. Life Without Taffy had a revolving cast of guest artists until I moved to Tampa. This is a more recent track from an unfinished concept album. Until I get some webspace of my own, my musicks gonna be hosted over at Soundclick. Check it out and let me know what you think about this particularly gay track.