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For about a month or so these two homeless guys lived under this overpass I passed everyday on the way to work. And then they were gone. I got some pictures:

They had a broom. Strange. It looks like they never used it.

underpass broom


Poor guys forgot their Tracy Chapman cassette. I would have grabbed it, but I have it already. Or not.

tracy chapman

Body + Soul Disc II. Disc II? I wish I knew what was on this. The bottom was all scratched to shit. Where the heck do the homeless get CDrs?

body + soul Disc II

I’m almost certain these cats wouldn’t be homeless at all if they’d recycle.

natural ice & pants

beer boxes


Finders Keepers.

I find stuff. Rather, I look for stuff. Discarded items. Lost things. Lists. Photos. Drawings. I try to get into the head of the person who created them and then lost or threw them out. I’ve been doing this most my life, but I’ve been going out on finding treks for about a year or so.

Most of the crap I find is on the walk to work. I walk along a fairly busy road so’s a bunch of things end up chucked out of someone’s window and end up near the sidewalk. Mostly garbage, receipts and the like. Sometimes I find good stuff as well. (See here to see a bunch of junk I’ve found).

About halfway to work there’s a construction site. It’s where I found this car and its contents. One Sunday I got off work early in the afternoon and I walked by the site as no one was working there.

Behind and next to the construction site was a dumping ground for this brick company. There was a warehouse back there that was torn down soon after construction began (see some pictures in the warehouse here). There were piles and piles of bagged leaves and yard clippings, debris and such. This Sunday there was more.

Some photos of the new piles (which were hauled off the very next day):

pile one

Pile 2

pile 3

As you can see there’s a couple greeting cards and a packet of photos in that last picture. Over the next couple of days I’ll be posting a few of my favorite things I fished out of the pile of crap. If I had known the pile was getting hauled away the next day I would’ve spent some more time rummaging through it. I found some good stuff. Stay tuned.