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I worked at Wendy’s in high school. Money for comics and videogames. While it wasn’t the worst job I’ve ever had, it’s not really resume worthy. Working with a bunch of other high schoolers, the place turned into Burger World from Beavis and Butthead when the manager wasn’t around. Frying things we shouldn’t, food fights and general mischief. Somebody found the labeler and this became my nametag. I don’t remember what exactly it means, but not too much of the stuff I did around that time made any kind of sense.

See another nametag from when I worked at Kash N Karry. 

Day 8 (Of 13)

This morning I wasn’t quite awake yet and I knocked over a cup of coffee off the counter before I even got a sip, narrowly missing my crotch. I knew it wasn’t gonna be my day.

I was at work and the weather looked like it was gonna turn bad so I decided I should take the garbage out before it started raining. As soon as I opened the back door, it was already sprinkling. The wind was a’blowing. I went over to the dumpster and grabbed the plastic hinged lid-thing and attempted to flip it over and behind as it is supposed to do. The wind was working against me and I scraped the shit out of my hand on the dumpster. It was a pretty deep cut and it bled quite a bit. I threw the trash and junk out and went back inside.

I grabbed the Polaroid camera out of the office, usually reserved for taking pictures of shoplifters and the like and snapped a few photos before I cleaned the cut up. They didn’t turn out well:

Cut Hand polaroids

Stupid blurry garbage. So I decided to do a little sketch:

cut hand drawing

k.t. has the camera with her in Costa Rica so when I got home I did a scan of it. It really doesn’t look that bad. Just another wound on my gnarly hands. Oh well.

hand cut

(My girlfriend k.t. is out of town for two weeks. I’m documenting my time without her.)

Happy Bunny Day!


As you may have noticed, I don’t really draw bunnies very well. I sketched out this monstrosity on a e-mail at work Saturday night when I had a free minute. I was going to draw a zombie Jesus or something, but I think I’ve done more than my fair share of blasphemy this year.

Safety In The Workplace

One of the stupid little things I like to do on my lunchbreak at my soul-crushing retail supervisor job, is deface company property. Usually reserved to brochures and various paper propoganda. I drew this little picture on a page of a safety awareness packet that was more or less common sense stuff anyway. No grab-ass while on a ladder. Duh.

safety in the workplace

After a day or two of me not adding anything in particular to it I noticed a portion added by someone else. That person, not even able to draw a convincing asian stereotype on the first try, I think ruined the picture. I wrote a message and left it in the breakroom.

Thanks for ruining my damn picture.

I figured out who drew this. It was this stocker kid who’s a fairly recent hire. I have no good things to say about him at all. Anyhow, he formed a rebuttal.

It sucked anyways.

So this douche mistakes my self-deprecating humor as an admission of my inferiority as an artist. I draw better than him in my sleep with a matchstick and that doesn’t even make sense. I’m not the best artist of ever or anything but here’s an example of this fool’s artisitic ability.


So there you have it. The asian guy. Goku (I think that’s his name) from Dragon Ball Z and the worst renditions of Homer and Bart Simpson I have ever seen. This isn’t even bad in a good way like that god-awful thrift-store painting. It’s just bad.