Josh holding a candle

Jeez. What a letdown. Being in Tampa, I knew for about a week that Wilma wasn’t going to hit us directly, but I kinda wanted to see some shit flying around. Some rain and wind. Boring. Anyhow. At 2 in the morning on the 24th, our power went out briefly. Being horribly dependent on technology and such, me and k.t had to find something to do.

Wilma picture

With the candles and flashlights going, we made some shadow puppets onto pieces of paper. This is what I converted a simple outline into. Weird.

Found – stitch witchery

Lame Nascar gorcery list

So’s I found this grocery list on the tackily gaytarded Nascar stationary. I thought two things: Is gaytarded even a word? and What the effing heck is stitch witchery? Stitch Witchery. That sounds awesome. What the heck? Turns out it’s just some polyamide fusible web that permanently bonds two layers of fabric together. Talk about false advertising. That’s barely witchery at all.

Found – Medication Chart

medication chart

Yet another weird find. Somebody actually took some time, with a ruler even, to make a chart for all the medication they take. Let’s see here: Nexium, for heartburn or acid-reflux. Norvasc for hypertension and angina. Dizzy, I reckon, is self-explanatory. Pletal for intermittent claudication (pain in the legs that happens when walking and goes away with rest). Avalide for high blood pressure. Zocor to block the production of cholesterol. Pletal, again apparently. This dude is in bad freaking shape.

Found – Yi-Ge-Oh


Another find from a youngster. I’m guessing they meant Yu-Gi-Oh!. What I don’t understand about that particular imported Japanese Anime is that the battles in the shows are done with cards. I understand having a card game based on a cartoon to recreate the battles and such of monsters and crap. Yu-Gi-Oh! actually has card battles in the dang cartoon itself. That’s retarded. Kids today are idiots.

Found – ma ma I’m turning into a goet

stop imagining things child

These notebook pages I found at work one day. They were all together as if some child decided they didn’t want the pages in the book anymore. I’m not too sure which page I like better. I like the, I guess, shopping list on the lower left. You can’t get a sling without some suntan lotion. I’m turning into a goet, that’s awesome. I wish I saw this kid when they were in the store where I work. I have a feeling they were ’special’.

Found Junks

In case you haven’t already noticed, I’m a bit of a weirdo. One of my many quirks is that I pick up stuff I find. Grocery lists. Pictures. All kinds of junks. I realized I’m not alone in this weird hobby when I came in contact with Found magazine. Sometimes I find some really interesting stuff. I enjoy this bizarre introduction into a complete strangers life. I often think about who this person is and why exactly they dropped this particular artifact into this place for me, or anyone, to find.

This week I’m gonna bring you a smattering of some junks I’ve accumulated over the past several years of walking with my head down.



I freaking love zombie movies. Love them. That being the case, I like to draw zombies a lot. A lot. Here’s a nice skinless one I drew a year or so ago. Zombies rule. There’s been a sudden popularity in Hollywood to make some zombie movies, you know, for the kids. My favorite zombie movie is still the original Night of the Living Dead. Number two would have to be Dead Alive for sheer gore factor. Check it out if you haven’t seen it. Fantastic movie from Peter Jackson before he started effing around with hobbits and such.