The art and such of Rev. Josh.
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I have a selection of one of a kind buttons on my Storenvy page. Original art and found images. Check it out.




spacecat shirt

My Spacecat design and several others are available on my TeePublic page gang.



bread imga

E-book download for my 24-Hour Comic Bread. Name your price on Gumroad you guys.



The very first issue of the comick Memory optimized in high-res for your iReaders and edevices.

A gentleman finds a memory card in the dirt. What does it contain?

A different gentleman is super sad and goes to the bank. What’s going on with that?

Mysteries and such abound in this first issue of a new series from Rev. Josh.

It’s a dollar or more for a 24 page pdf file. Your generosity is appreciated gang.

Buy it on my Gumroad page.

The Wooshington Prophecy


Now available for your e-devices and i-readers, The Wooshington Prophecy. Digitally remastered in high-res for your on the go reading and such, or for your home PC uses. A 44-page pdf available at Gumroad for your donation of $1 or more. All proceeds fund our next drunken art project. Thanks to all who dig our stuff.


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