An Anterior View of Human Musculature

A look at a recent commisioned piece that I’ve been working on for a while:

The idea was to do a medical illustration type thing. The pencils:

The pencils for a medical illustration.

The inking probably took the longest out of any of it:

the head getting all inked up.

A picture of me with the artwork to give an idea of the size of the piece:

A photo of me and the artwork.

Throw some lettering and some watercolors on it. And blood. Some of my actual blood, and this is what you get. From the start to finish it was a little over 1o hours of work and I think it turned out pretty dang good.

an anterior view of human musculature

10 Years Ago

I’ve been digitizing and organizing a bunch of old drawings of mine and here’s some from way back in ’98.

I’m not too sure what this guy’s deal is. It may or may not be snot on his finger there. And price-tag earrings will come into style one day.

f u

A self-portrait I did on a lunch break when I worked at Blockbuster:

Me in \'98

A weird character from my younger days and the dumb little home movies me and some friends used to make. Poncho Man. A guy finds a mystical poncho in a tree and it possesses him and he kills people.

poncho man

This guy cries black tears. Or his mascara is running. I don’t know.

Mr. Black Tears