Last Week.

Hmmm. Not sure what this is all about. #woods #tree #wrench #weird

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Just me and the birds awake at this hour apparently. #birds #chirp #early #sounds

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After an 11 hour workday, this beer is needed at @sasquatchbrewery with @katenichiwa #beer #drinks #drink

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Life Without Taffy podcast episode 14

It’s lucky episode number 14 of the Life Without Taffy podcast. Join married drunkards Kate and Josh as they discuss wheat belly whilst Kate gets lit. They also welcome some special call-in guests to talk about hipster beers, piercings and sex stuff. Sorry again Grandma.

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The Wooshington Prophecy (Page 30)

Page 30 of the drunken improv comick by me, Jon (see his site here) and my wife Kate (see her site here). Jon’s pencils on this page suggest some sort of high-reaching beer conspiracy going on. One of the million loose ends we’ve introduced in this story so far. It’ll all make sense at some point? Maybe?

See the rest of the pages here. Click the image to make it larger.