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Self-Contained Canister Respirator

Self-Contained Canister Respirator

During the later months of 1915, a gas maskĀ  consisting of a leather facepiece with eyepieces and a metal canister was issued to the German army. The facepiece was impregnated qith tallow and oil to make it gas-proof, the eyepieces were compound, with am outer glass lens and an inner lens of celluloid treated to prevent misting, and the canister contained layers of absorbant materials – charcoal. pumice and kieselguhr – mixed with various chemicals to filter and absorb the gases.

I’ve been drawing the masks I found in a thrft store book Gas. This is the third in a series. See them all here.

Webbed Feet / Hostage

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve kinda been in an artistic rut of sorts. Today is apparently Drawing Day, so I figured I’d force myself to get something down on paper. I’ve been doing this little drawing exercise when I’m in a rut where I will pick out a random Pictionary card and draw one of the things on it. It gets me drawing, and stuff I usually don’t draw too. Here’s two I did today.

webbed feet



So I got the post title there as a comment on the wordpress.com version of my site, which I left up and just put a link to the new lifewithouttaffy.com site you’re looking at now. The comment was left on a silly little picture of Batman I did last year. See the original post here. I don’t know if ‘Nikki’ was looking at something else when he/she thought that it looked more like me than Batman, and that it was gayyyy. Gay with 4 y’s. That’s real gay apparently. So, by popular demand, here’s a picture of me as a gayyyy Batman. Enjoy.


An Anterior View of Human Musculature

A look at a recent commisioned piece that I’ve been working on for a while:

The idea was to do a medical illustration type thing. The pencils:

The pencils for a medical illustration.

The inking probably took the longest out of any of it:

the head getting all inked up.

A picture of me with the artwork to give an idea of the size of the piece:

A photo of me and the artwork.

Throw some lettering and some watercolors on it. And blood. Some of my actual blood, and this is what you get. From the start to finish it was a little over 1o hours of work and I think it turned out pretty dang good.

an anterior view of human musculature