Hey look, it’s one of those robot cat boys. I think it’s a cat? Where’s his tail? Is it wrapped up in his trousers? Maybe? I’m going to say yes. You probably don’t want it all flapping around when you’re fighting dudes I imagine.

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Draw Megaman In 60 Seconds

My attempt at the ‘Draw Megaman in 60 Seconds” challenge over at 4 Color Rebellion. It was a lot harder than it seemed. A minute isn’t really long enough to do too much of anything. Except get Megaman addicted to crack. Which was pretty easy to do. Check out the other examples over heres.

Also, according to my counts, this is my 1,000th post on this here blog. Holy craps! Let’s have cake and balloons! I’ve been doing this since September 2005 apparently. Hows about that!