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I’ve been sorting through boxes of crap since our move, slowly organizing piles and piles of papers. I found these old drawings of my grandparents that I must’ve done near 30 years ago? It’s funny how I drew the tennis one as I probably thought you had to draw people doing things like I had probably seen caricature artists doing. Not sure why tennis. I don’t remember that being a thing she even did at the time. I don’t know.

When you find some of your old artwork…


To be fair, it was 1992 and comics were more or less in the toilet with a few exceptions. So making a Spawn rip-off, but way worse, was totally okay at the time, right? Man. Glowing eyes and a metal arm? But with a sword? Yuck. I’ve posted some old Cadaver art before if you are interested. And Bishop was a 90s guy, that’s for sure. Not sure what happened with the drawing of him. Yipes.