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Tag: photoshop

Dapper E.T.

February 8, 2018

Look at this ding-dang hunk, will ya? Cleans up nice, eh?


December 28, 2017


August 15, 2016

Another year, another self-portrait. #art #digital #digitalart #photoshop #me #selfportrait

A photo posted by Josh Wilhelm (@revjosh) on


February 4, 2016

Testing out my screen-capture software on this Photoshop drawing of our cat Mew.

Drawn using brushes by Kyle Webster (

Music by Life Without Taffy. Guest vocals by Mew herself.

a batman

May 28, 2015



May 26, 2015


Goofing around with my Surface Pro, I did a self-portrait in Photoshop trying out Kyle Webster‘s custom brushes.


February 11, 2015


“You don’t look like this”

August 29, 2014


My wife added that note on the Tumblr post of this comic. I had to show her that I was right because I’m a turd.

weird cat head

May 16, 2014


Sometimes, when sifting through the depths of forgotten files on your computer, you find something strange. Something you forgot about. Something you probably did while high or at the very least, drunk. This is one of those things, from back in 2007. A weird photoshopped version of our cat Mew with my wife’s eyes and mouth. A goofier version of this one.

Class picture

April 7, 2011

This took a lot longer than expected for a silly idea. “How could you pick on that poor kid making a dumb face in his class picture?” You ask. Oh yeah, that’s me. I screwed up the fifth grade picture with my dumb face. Click it for a bigger version.