pocketchange.org – Life Without Taffy podcast episode 4

It’s the fourth episode of the Life Without Taffy podcast! Join Kate and Josh as they discuss shoulder pads, grit, potty games and issue some internet homework. Living the dream. Abeersa good.

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An intimate look in the phantasmagorical world of the RapeCo family. There’s laughs, love and learning how to battle with one’s inner demons through the world of interpretative dance. Dance with a side of the AIDS. Actually AIDS is probably the main course in this meal of comedy. The dance is probably some sort of side dish, like potatoes or rice, prepared classically with a hint of rosemary or basil, presented on a plate of homo-eroticism and lack of self-control. Dessert is flan or something. Pudding? I don’t know; what would you like? Jell-O brand gelatin dessert? Something light. I have to go to my Pilates class later so I don’t want to feel bloated and gassy. Maybe some fresh fruit? I’ll call you before you leave the office.Okay, see you later. I love you. Bye.